It’s not that hard is a campaign to bring unconscious bias into the public consciousness. А vehicle to not only start conversations around the bias that surrounds gender equality in the workplace, but to also work towards facilitating change. It does this by showing that overcoming our unconscious bias is as easy as removing gender from the equation.

Case Study Film

Campaign of 15’’ Films

A series of short tongue-in-cheek social videos to encourage people to question whether they do in fact have a bias, and then demonstrate that overcoming it is as easy as removing gender from the equation.


The campaign continued on national radio

Press ad

A full page press ad ran in the NZ Herald on International Women’s Day, signalling our intent and helping to kickstart the conversation.

Contextual Reminders

Asking people to consider whether unconscious bias may be influencing their behavious in a particular situation, while they’re in that situation could be a very powerful behaviour change action.

Champion companies can purchase office merchandise and download free posters to distribute within their own businesses to ensure that bias becomes less and less unconscious from the inside out.

Posters and social content can be downloaded here:

Office merchandise can be purchased here